Old Friends, New Friends, Blogfriends

I’ve added some people to my blogroll recently and wanted to introduce them properly. But before I get to the new people, I wanted to let you know that our old friend Honestyrain is back to blogging. (She’s not old, she’s just not new) Witty, silly, Grey’s Anatomy obsessed as ever, she seems to be back in the swing of blogging again. Which is good news for us since we’ve missed her so much.

On to the additions…

Sam Shin, Pastor of Wellspring Church, writes a powerful and profound blog that deals with our faith and what it means to be a christian. Definately a man after my own heart. A pastor of his church and hi home, husband, and father (of four) he tackles many issues many of us are unable to articulate. Especially appeals to those of us who like to THINK about God’s word in our lives (in a good way),

GodDivas is was actually two people. Jody and Wendei, who are two godly women, have joined forces to bring us their wit and wisdom (I’ll let you decide which is which). Bloging from different parts of the country, the share the adventures (and struggles) that is their lives always trying to recognise and glorify God in what they do and say (and blog). Especially appealing for those who like to FEEL God working in their lives (also in a good way).

Velvet Vox is a local fav’ (as in, we live in the same town and one day may even meet face-to-face). Along with her fun spirit and energetic blogging, she also has a silky smooth voice you just got to hear (I’m not obsessed, she want’s to be a voice actor). While no less Godly than the first two (who am I to judge) she is more of an everyday blogger like myself. Discussing the who’s and why’s and what-the‘s of being human. Just an all around great gal and fun to read.

Also, back to blogging (but not on the blogroll) is Barry of Inktank fame. First of, I must explain that it’s not a fault of Barry’s that keeps him of the blogroll. I like to keep the blogroll small and for that reason try to limit it to people I personally interact with (in person or via internet) and while we have interacted on his forum, we haven’t made any real connection – thus, no blogroll status. That being said, I do encourage you to visit his site and read about what he has to say. If nothing else, go read the archives of his online comic strips and see why he has so many people on his forum.

Finally, in an act of blatant self promotion, I want to let you know that the hosting company of choice for me is 1and1.com. Great prices, lots of storage and bandwidth, plus a very user friendly admin interface. Perfect for hosting multiple websites or simply for registering your domain names.


2 thoughts on “Old Friends, New Friends, Blogfriends

  1. Luke, it is great to meet not only a blog friend, but a friend like you. It really is amazing that in Christ that you can meet someone completely over the web, but get a true sense that this person is family in Christ. Ah the amazing grace of a great Redeemer.

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