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August 1, 2006

Office Space Quiz


Think you know a lot about the movie Office Space?
Take this quiz of 100 questions and find out how good you really are.

Note: Some of these questions are tough, so don’t be like Ann and “get all pissed off”, when you get a couple wrong.

Thank you for taking the Office Space Quiz

Here are your results:

Correct Responses: 76
In-Correct Responses: 24

Experienced Office Space Fan – Well Done Grasshopper


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  • At 6:30 am on August 3, 2006, Jody commented:

    I’m not sure if I wanted to do well on this quiz or not, I got a 68%, which was fine but a little disappointing. I watch that movie all the time. I reference that movie all the time. I should know where Bill Lumbergh went to school! :)

    My all time favorite scene is the fax machine beat down. I have some office equipment that I could so hit with a bat.

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