Office Space Printer

I’m watching you. You, who come and visit my site. I know what you want. You search the web for your heart’s desire and after wasting bandwidth on those other guys, you finally find your way here, with me, where you belong.

But you can’t always find what you want but I’m here for you. I can give you what you need. And what you need, is to see this picture. So many of you have been looking for this picture only to be disappointed because your search engine sent you to the wrong place and I don’t know why. Fear not, for I shall rectify the situation. Behold! the elusive photo you came here to see (and steal?). officespaceprinter.jpg


Since you’re here, maybe you’d like to see some other cool stuff. Like the Office Space Quiz. Here’s a 100 question quiz to test your knowledge. This is for all the people who really paid attention to this movie — so come prepared!

We’re not going to some white collar resort prison. No, no, no! We’re going to Federal POUND ME IN THE ASS prison!

You know, minimum security prison is no picnic. I had a client in there once. He said the trick is: kick someone’s ass the first day, or become somebody’s bitch. Then everything will be alright.

Watch the printer “smackdown” scene from the movie (WARNING: Strong Language)

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