October in the High Desert

It’s not quite Oktoberfest but we spent the weekend with (my side of) the family up in the High Desert. That’s Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia and surrounds for you big city types. While there we managed to do something other than play boardgames (my favorite pass-time) – we hit the Corn Maze.

This is Corbin’s first Pumpkin Patch slash Corn Maze so we documented it in classic archshrk fashion – with lots of photos. This is only my second Corn Maze, the first being on our honeymoon trip to Seattle. That maze was actually two different mazes which included maps to help you navigate your way and to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture being a pirate ship and something else equally appropriate. This maze was all straight lines but was pretty big and kept us going for some time. Since it was a group effort, we would send scouts down each branch to figure out which one dead-ended and which led us onward.

The straight paths and 90-degree turns made it easy to navigate with our BOB stroller but it also made the corn rows pretty neat and densely packed – perfect for hiding. About half way through the maze, I got bored just looking for the way out so started hiding in the corn rows and jumping out at various members of the family. Once I started, others joined in. I got my mom a couple of times, and my dad once. My mom got me once and my dad got Julia once. I don’t think anyone got my sister but I got her later on as she was walking into the house. All-in-all, a good time.

We celebrated three birthdays while there and had plenty to eat including some very well prepared chicken, grilled steak and baked potatoes (twice). Plus my mom’s chocolate chip cookies – yum.

There’s more photos over at PhotoJulia’s.

One thought on “October in the High Desert

  1. Not so scary but typical of you to get bored fast, son. And you really did get me at the last. But Julia started it by trying to hide with the stroller (it didn’t work). I hope you get fat(ter) eating all those CCC’s

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