Nursing Covers by Julia

Recently, Julia started making Nursing Blankets (commonly known as “Hooter Hiders” which is also sold under the name Bebe au Lait). The name brand ones cost $45 or more and do come in cool patterns. But they still cost $45.

Making them isn’t very difficult, it just takes some basic sewing skills and time. Two things I don’t have but Julia does, at least for now. One of the things Julia does which the others don’t is add a liner. You see, one layer of material isn’t very good at protecting your modesty when you breast feed. Imagine those cheap curtains in your first apartment. Compare that to the lined (solid inner layer) of nice drapes. This makes it easier to discreetly feed your baby in public.

Julia also ads a terrycloth pocket in the inside corner for holding items like nursing pads, pacifiers, keys or a cell phone. And the terrycloth makes for a convenient washcloth when finished. And we only plan on charging $25 for our nursing blankets.

Since Julia just started making them for friends and herself, we really haven’t had to market them yet. But we want to. Problem is, we can’t decide on a name (much like picking a name for our son). Anything good we come up with is already taken and often for similar products. Type in “nursing blanket” in the search bar to the left and see the results. Lots of good names. Lots of competition.

So here’s where you can help. First, if you’re interested in getting your own Nursing Blanket by Julia, just leave a comment here or use the contact form. Second, tell your friends about this awesome product and where to get it. And finally, feel free to suggest names for our nursing blanket. If we choose your suggestion, we’ll give you one free and link back to your site.

3 thoughts on “Nursing Covers by Julia

  1. Nice blankets. Too bad were done making kids. What am I saying…I am glad were done making kids!! :-) We’ve got 4…thats enough.

    As for names:
    Modesty Blankets
    Baby Modesty
    Blankets by Julia

  2. Take a look at the currently available covers here. Items labeled SOLD are no longer available. Some of the newer patterns include a matching carrying bag to keep it clean and neat while in your purse or diaper bag.

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