NumbSkull Game

Found a fun new game to keep you distracted this Halloween. Numbskull from Nitrome is a simple puzzle game that is fun and challenging. Simply rotate pieces to get the skull head back to it’s body. But watch out for pumpkin traps and electric fields. Play at or Nitrome’s site. While you’re there, check out their other great games – all for free.


Solve the puzzles and get the skull safely back to his body – by Nitrome

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  1. I tried to post a comment previously, however it hasn’t shown up. I think your spam filter may well be broken?

    1. This site gets a lot of “young” visitors who don’t always play nice. As a result, all first time comments are moderated and I tend to lean on the cautious side, so if it seemed fishy I may have rejected it. I even hesitated to allow this comment since it was on such an old post and your personal link was to a Russian language forum user who doesn’t exist…well, I removed the link and allowed it – this time. I figure if your legit, you’ll come forward – if your a spammer, I won’t have to worry about it again.

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