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My friend Steve Adams has started a new blog which may or may not be of interest to you. Since I’m not much into fishing, I’ll stick with his family blog but for those of you with bait in you veins, I give you NorCal Angler – Northern California sport fishing, adventures, destinations, trips & tackle.


Steve’s been fishing since he was a kid with many years fishing freshwater in So Cal. Later, Steve did a lot of Large Mouth Bass fishing and, on occasion, has been known to go to one of the local lakes in San Diego and fish for the stocked Trout with ultra-light gear. Sometime in the eighties Steve started fishing Saltwater and eventually spent many years fishing the overnight tuna trips on the sporties and has been on multiple 3 day, & 10 day trips as well. A few years back he did a lot of ?private boat? trips, most of them on 18? center consoles and a couple trips on some Yacht?s.

Steve also worked as a deck-hand on several sport-fishing boats out of San Diego during the early to mid-90?s periodically for 6-7yrs and did a few seasons on a couple Long Rangers as well. He went to Alaska and fished a season on a Salmon Seiner working the deck and running a skiff. Then when back in SD, and worked another season or two on the Long Rangers.


Since arriving in NorCal, (about 30 miles east of Sac.) Steve has done several trips to Folsom Lake, caught and released a few Bass, spotted a couple FAT smallies, and is fast becoming familiar with the American River stripper fishing and has done pretty good for a first year. He even caught and released several Steelhead, and three incidental LARGE Salmon (also revived and released).

So I think that makes him pretty well qualified to talk about fishing. At least enough for a blog. So go on and visit and check out one of his many stories already posted. And if you don’t fish, you’ll still enjoy the photos. Be sure to tell him I sent you.

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