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July 25, 2005

New Night! New Ministry?

Tonight is the first night of our revised ministry. We now meet on Mondays at 6:30 at Marc’s house. Another major change is our menu. We have accepted that we cannot legally make burritos at home and have begum looking for alternate food items. The major problem is the cost of being within the law. $20 buys supplies for 48 burritos or…60 single serving cereal boxes, or 60 indivudual fruit cups, or….you get the idea. Last Thursday was supposed to be our first night but attendance was a little low and I didn’t feel like going by myself. Actually, I could have managed two more people but figured it was better to wait till Monday since our food items were so minimal. We will discuss and pray tonight before going out about the future of this ministry but I have a couple ideas that may serve as goals to strive towards.

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