Napoleon Dynamite

This is from a while back but I recently realised I was getting high ranking in searches because I mis-spelled Napoleon Dynamite (Nepolean Dynomite). So here is my quick review from March 18th, 2005.

NP was stupid and pointless and the characters were beyond real – yet…I found myself laughingly remembering certain scenes or dialog or just the characters themselves and realized that the extreme simpleness made them entertaining. They were real types of people we either knew growing up or we were them ourselves. i can’t say thumbs up because I didn’t “die laughing” when I watched it, but can’t say thumbs down because I want to see it again so badly.

One thing I liked was how the “cool kids” weren’t portrayed as being so “evil” or malicious like you see in so many underdog teen movies. They were real, slightly selfish kids who weren’t mature enough to look past people’s quirks (like many of us still can’t do)

Overall, I’d recommend it.

My review was sparked by a more indepth review over at Kaleo’s website.

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