Mystery solved

So today was our formal ultrasound.


You may recall that back in May, we had a little scare which prompted an informal ultrasound. Everything turned out well but it was a very rough evening. But only after spending 5 hours on an emergency room gurney. Julia was supposed to photograph a wedding the next day but, as it turns out, there was a change of plans.

Anyway, this time we were prepared and very exited (in the good way). You see, at about 20 weeks, they check all the vitals on your baby from their heart to their toes and everything in between. And I mean everything. I could see the heart actually beating (not just a fluttering light) and physical details like the spine and kidneys and fingers, oh my! It was all very cool to say the least.

Not to alarm you, but we received a call from our doctor. She received the results from this morning’s ultrasound already and called to tell us that the baby looks great, but the only slight red flag was that Julia has what they call a low lying placenta. She said it?s very common, but they still want to take precautions and monitor it. They will schedule another ultrasound on the 8th which will probably be when Julia’s 30-32 weeks along to monitor the placenta and make sure it?s growing as it should. Other than that, everything is fabulous!


Oh, there is one other thing. It turns out I’ll have a good use for those 12T shark swim trunks I picked up a while back. Turns out baby archshrk is going to be an archshrk jr. That’s right, we’re having a boy. Julia’s only disappointed in that she really loves shopping for baby girl clothes but I’ve seen how she lights up when she sees little man clothes at the store. You know what I mean. The little suit sized for 6-month olds and what not. All very adorable and cute.

We?ve begun the process of registering at the various places one sets up a baby registry. So far we have our Amazon Registry and our Babies”R”Us Registry. We will likely be adding individual items that are not available at either store but you can check out our Baby Registry page for more details.

10 thoughts on “Mystery solved

  1. I love ultrasounds (I worked in an ob office for many years). Congratulations on the healthy report on your soon-to-be son!

    (And thanks for visiting my site)

  2. I did the low-lying placenta thing with Baby #5. It moved up by around 30 weeks or so, so it wasn’t an issue. I’m so glad that little one is doing so well…and congrats on the little boy!! Boy clothes are MUCh cuter than they were 15 years ago…you’ll have a ball shopping! :) (or wifey will, anyhow!)

  3. Congratulations! I know how Julia feels; I wanted my son to be a girl too. But boys are fun, so her disappointment won’t last long.

    Wow. You’re almost in the home stretch — hang in there!

  4. CONGRATS! I love babies and ultrasounds. Now I want another baby!!

    Low lying placentas are common and can sometimes move out of the way before birth. Sometimes they don’t which means she’ll have bedrest in her future and need a c-section but it is all OKAY!! This is common and the baby will be fine. It’s just that her placenta is too low and blocking the birth canal and can cause bleeding. The baby is fine though. But, like I said, as her uterus gets bigger the placenta may just move up and out of the way:)

    GOOD LUCK!!! I have two boys so I am ALL for boys! LOL

  5. Hey, that’s great news to hear that you will be having a son. I mean, it would also be great news if you were having a daughter. But either way, it’s still congratulations.


    This is a must for you. You can give mom a break later, and baby will snuggle up to you and listen to your heartbeat.

    Oh, and lots of classical music. Baby will love it! Also, anyone that talks to the belly frequently will be imprinted on baby…my sister used to call from California and have me wind an egg timer up then place the phone on my belly.

    When my son finally got to meet her, he ran straight for her and hugged her.

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