My Dream Camera

I mentioned a few weeks back about’s Wishlist Anniversary Sweepstakes and how each week, they are offering a different prize package in the form a wishlist (Well, I did). Anyway, this is the week I most want to win.

Week 6 (Nov. 9-15): Yellowstone Photo Expedition with Canon Wish List — A trip for two to Yellowstone National Park, and a private lesson with a professional photographer and an awesome camera setup to capture it all.

Here’s my Dream Camera Wishlist inspired by this weeks prizes.

7 thoughts on “My Dream Camera

  1. That’s why they call it a dream.

    As for the smaller cards, I’ve heard arguments for fewer mega cards vs. several smaller cards. Since I will be picking up a new card soon, those were more for my convenience than anything else.

    BTW – sells both cards for about half the amazon price. i’m going to the local Costco at lunch to see if they have them in stock for the lower price.

  2. I’ve found that 16GB is more than enough for me. I usually unload the camera after a few hundred shots anyway – even though I can go up to ~2700 (Large Fine JPG)

    It just seemed odd that you’d wish for thousand dollar lenses and $50/$100 cards…

  3. Shipping address? I didn’t *plan* to get you anything…

    Filters though:

    UV – $20-100 Better to wipe/clean/scratch/break than the real lens.

    Polarizing – ~$75-300 Quite handy if you shoot a) Water b) Sky c) Plants d) Through Glass e) Anything else reflective.

    Most of the other effects (Warming/Cooling etc) can be Photoshopped.

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