More Upgrading

I’m about to upgrade my WordPress and Gallery2 installs so you may see some wonky-ness today.

I’m upgrading to WordPress version 2.1.2 and Gallery 2.2

If you are upgrading WordPress, make sure to deactivate your plugins and switch to the default theme.

Gallery 2.2 (Double Double) is now available for download! In what has been close to a year of development, the Gallery team has packed this release full of new features and security enhancements. Major new features include: Downloadable Plugins which let you download, install, and upgrade modules and themes through the web interface; Dynamic Albums which let you set up albums based on keywords, ratings, and more; and WebDAV support for managing your photo library like a network hard drive with folders of images.

Update #1: WordPress upgrade complete.
Update #2: Gallery2 upgrade complete.
Gallery2 2.2 offers several new features and functionality that you may or may not notice. If you see any problems, let me know so I can fix it quickly.

2 thoughts on “More Upgrading

  1. I like to switch to default theme because of all the custom stuff I do to my regular theme. Simply deactivating my plugins break my theme. It’s a safety measure to ensure the upgrade part went right. Then I activate plugins.

  2. I’ve never switched to default theme on upgrades. I’m not even sure things would “work” with the default theme. Which makes me a little nervous, now that I think about it.

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