More on Google Voice

Dispite the funny transcriptions you get with Google Voice, I still think its worth getting. If you do sign up, there are a couple of things to consider.

First, get a Google Number. There’s more features this way and you can always start giving it out as your number or keep it secret for special people to use (your mom, the baby sitter, the guy who interviewed you for that dream job…)

Second, pick a good number. When you get a Google number you have some control over what number they assign to you. First, pick your area code. Simple enough unless your one of the many Americans who live in a multi-area code zone (like me). From there, you can search for certain character combinations that may be available. Anything good is likely already taken so consider something easy for you. If your number is 123-555-4321 then try and get something in your area code with 4321 also. That way, you only need to remember three new digits. or try getting your number for a different area code.

Once you’re done, you can use this number to send and receive sms messages (sorry, no media messages yet). Just make sure you don’t have it send you a text message to your cell phone if you have a smart phone and use the Google Voice app. If you do, then you’ll get two notices every time you get a message.

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