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  1. I’ll have to double check my settings. It was more of a quick “set it up and shoot” experiment just to see what results I got. Unfortunately, it was late and I wasn’t in the mood to do it right.

    Basic facts, I used the large zoom lens (70-300mm) on a tripod with the time delayed shutter release. This way the camera would stop shaking from me clicking the shutter by the time the shutter actually snapped.

    If I did it again, I’d probably hook it up to the laptop so I could adjust it without touching it. Something you should try.

  2. Well, minus the fact I don’t have a laptop. I guess my dad does, and it’s probably new enough to ‘talk’ to my camera.

    I do have a tripod and haven’t actually used it or the time delay or the mirror lock yet.

    Rightclick the original image and it shows all the EXIF information under properties (but you already knew that).

    Still waiting for that 50mm reference shot ;)

  3. Added the screen shots of the EXIF data – hope it helps (hope I grabbed the right data).

    Your camera probably came with the software to connect the camera to a computer. it’s helpful if you’re editing RAW images and such. Plus it is helpful to show to clients while you’re in the shoot.

    50mm reference shot still pending. but I got to thinking, it really only works with a sharp contrast between foreground and background. The wedding picture we discussed doesn’t lend itself to that effect. Try cropping the picture to the top half only and use your photoshop skills to get the bokeh effect.

  4. I’ll have to check with the married couple to see what they want (ya figure?) but cropping it is one of those ‘if I have to’ solutions. I’ll have to double check my shots to see what kind of bokeh it does on that lens during a transition.

    I prefer Photoshop’s handling of RAW files – unless I get one of the more expensive lenses, the Canon’s messing around with the file is sub-Adobe quality, though it might do a better job with the pincushion/barrel distortion automatically. CA is a fickle beast that has way too many factors to ‘one click’ it out of existence.

    As far as connecting the camera to a computer in ‘Live’ mode, that’s on my list of things to do…

    Side note: I thought I asked it to email notify me, but it didn’t seem to (nothing in ‘Junk Mail’ either) – but I might have clicked that after the submit button was hit, but before the new page loaded. Trying in the proper order this time..

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