mis-matched flip flops

July 5, 2007 6 By archshrk

A while back, I was over at Fond of the Beach reading about This and That where she was showing off her new headband and sharing her feelings about flip flops. Admiring her headband photo I said warned you can have too many flip flops if you’re not careful. Take my wife and our recent camping trip. As I was quickly and quietly setting up our new tent for the first time, my wife blurts out “oh no!”

Being the concerned husband, I asked what’s wrong only to learn that she had brought mis-matched flip flops. Both black but distinctly different from each other. Blame it on pregnancy I guess. No worries I told her. They are very similar and nobody’s going to be looking at your feet while we’re camping.

This may come as a surprise to you ladies but every women with us noticed within a couple of hours. So remember, you can have too many flip flops. My advise, make sure they are all very different so you can tell in the dark if they match or not.