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“Thursday 6:30pm Burrito’s & Socks – This ministry makes burritos and often purchases new socks and then takes them around to the homeless. Our desire is to be the hands and feet of the gospel and consistently meeting real needs.”So I haven’t posted lately, but things have been busy. First, we had a memorial service in the park for Anthony. It wasn’t a big production, just a little potluck and some words of parting but we had a good turnout. I’m especially proud of how many Kaleo people showed up. We demonstrated our love for these people when it mattered most.Now for the big news…we’ve doubled production! Since the weather is cooling down here and more importantly…places where its already cold…there is a much larger homeless presence in San Diego, especially downtown. Plus, since baseball is ending the “man” isn’t hasseling them as much. So we have begun to make not 48 burritos but a whopping um…48×2..let’s see carry the threee…divide by the hypotinous…add the monkeys…96! The problem for us is manpower. In order to make the 48 burritos we need four people (5 is ideal) but we can manage with three. Three people can not make 96 burritos and get them out to the streets in a reasonable time. So if we plan to keep this up we need more people willing to at least help make burritos. If they can come out and share the gospel, even better.We also need socks and water donations.

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