Mega Church

A megachurch is a large church, frequently defined as having more than 2,000 worshippers for a typical weekly service.

Globally, these large congregations are a significant development in Protestant Christianity, challenging the roles of denominations as the primary sources of ministry resources and ministerial training. Most megachurches tend to be evangelical or Pentecostal.

Hank is furious and seeks out a new chuch when Reverend Stroup fails to support him after the family seats are taken by a new couple. They end up worshipping at the new megachurch, but when the church overtakes every minute of their lives, Hank quits and is forced to make amends with Stroup in order to reclaim his place at their old church. Meanwhile, Peggy is thrilled when she gets a job working in the office of the megachurch, but her over-zealous ways drive the preacher crazy.

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  1. Oh my. That is classic! Having grown up a Southern Baptist, a church split by disagreements over pews is not unknown to me. And, wow, I can think of a couple of churches here in town that could double for that mega church. Too funny.

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