Making Money (the fun way)

This 1966 Muppet ad campaign for La Choy Chow Mein brings real flavor with DRAGON FIRE!

Jim Henson produced a series of eleven TV commercials for La Choy from 1965 to 1969. The series included 6 sixty-second commercials and 5 twenty-second commercials. A 5? minute presentation reel was also created in 1966.

The star of the campaign was Delbert the La Choy Dragon. Loud and clumsy, the Dragon bullied his way through the ads, proclaiming the virtues of La Choy products, and cooking everything with bursts of dragon fire (which, in some cases, set the filming studio on fire).

There were two sets of ads produced for the campaign. One set featured a hand puppet version of Delbert, interacting on a studio set with Mert, a timid Muppet in a suit. In the other set of ads, a large full-bodied Muppet version of the dragon interacted with real humans. – Muppet Wiki


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