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So here’s the deal – I don’t tweet (yet) but I hope to break into the tweet world with my posts. Not likely to happen but I can dream. Anyway, there is some discussion on using tiny URLs in newspapers rather than full links. We’re talking paper and ink, not online. This inevitably led to making your own short URLs for various purposes including but not limited to tweeting. Thanks to Shark SEO (no relation) and Wp Recipes, I have made it much easier for you or anyone (someone?) to tweet my posts. Simply click on the Share on Twitter link at the bottom of any post to tweet that post using a short URL like this –

I almost forgot…
The reason I do this (instead of TinyURL, etc.) is because Tiny URL is Blocked by SonicWall so I can’t see any site via those links. Using a custom URL is great because if your site is safe (i.e. not blocked), so is your short URL.

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  1. Hello fellow shark, thanks for the mention. That’s another good reason for the custom URL shortener, I hadn’t thought about TinyURL being blocked by some places. Incidentally, the reason I looked into making my own is because TinyURL doesn’t pass any link juice from what I’ve found – plus there’s issues about branding and stuff like that. But, you know, it’s mainly about the juice.

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