Link-happy or just confussed?

Palmolive Soap

So my long time readers have probably noticed a few changes over time on this site as I try to optimize it both for user experience and for ad revenue. Finding that balance can be quite tricky. For example, you may have realized that links in blue are either Google Ads or Amazon Products. Problem is, I don’t choose either.

Google ads are managed by Google based on key-word association. Basically, if I post about car seats, you’ll see car seat related ads on the sidebar there (among other places). Amazon links are generated by Amazon by converting certain words or phrases int product links within the post. For example, in a recent post where I wrote “the happiest place on earth” Amazon converted that into a link to a book about Disneyland. Makes sense, but it also converted “big boy” and “clothes and breaking our backs” to links for music CD’s that had nothing to do with the topic.

So I’ll be trying to adjust that in the coming days. Mostly, I’ll reduce the number of links Amazon makes in hopes that only the most relevant ones are made. I could also tell Amazon to “match words exactly” but that only means the words I wrote and the title/name of the amazon product have to match.

Anyways, let me know what you think of my advertising, past and present. I really do want to keep this site enjoyable for my loyal readers, now and in the future. And I thank you for supporting this site by shopping Amazon via these links.

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