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April 17, 2009

LeapFish ? Just Type It

“Search the best of the web in a click-free search”

What the heck does that mean? Well, it pretty much means what it says. As you type your search word or phrase, it shows you the results without having to hit the submit button. Wait, what? Yes, as you type in a word, say archshrk for example, it will show you new results as the word gets typed. Try it. The results for arch are not the same as for archsh. More importantly, the results seem to be more focused and better organized. For instance, search results will show videos and images in the sidebar that match your search (again, try archshrk). Plus, if you search for an actual domain ( then you’ll get a Domain Appraisal showing the estimated value of your domain name. I’m currently worth $1,425 while is worth $3,384 and YouTube is worth $490,073,822. LeapFish ? Just Type It

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