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halloween 2008 ninja

It may seem early but when you have children, you need to plan ahead. What am I talking about? Why Halloween of course.

Last year Corbin went dressed as a ninja (and a dalmatian). 11 month old + sale + fits equals perfect. This year we wanted to try something different. Corbin isn’t much for wearing hats but he was quite willing to wear a bandanna and wield a saber and chase wenches around so he’ll be going as Corbin Beard this year.


Julia hasn’t though about her costume much but is currently planning going as a 20-week pregnant woman. Not very creative? It beats donning mouse gray ears and going as a mouse but not quite as creative as wearing a black dress shirt, pants and a white tie, talking with a Chicago accent and sizing up everybody who comes through the door.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a skeleton – either straight up or as the Grim Reaper. We never had the money to do it right but we managed. As time went on, costume got cheaper and more elaborate. Unfortunately, I was less able to pull it off. At some point you have to realize there’s no such thing as a “big-boned” skeleton.

Harvest Traditions Detail

This year, I plan on sporting my new shirt which depicts the joys of fatherhood. The age old tradition of training up a son with all the tough love a man can muster. Showing him how to do the difficult tasks that life will bring. Gritting through the tough times that we all must face. Taking the souls that must be taken…

Shirt.Woot : Harvest Traditions

6 thoughts on “la petite Morty

  1. Holloween

    Did you mean:Halloween


    Did you mean: “big-boned”

    I’m starting to think you put them in on purpose. I’m not sure how I got that idea…

    I think I’ll turn this unto a game. I’m going to start hidding spelling and grammar mistakes in my posts to see how many and how quickly Adonis can find them.

  2. Arrrrrrghhhh! Long Live Corbin Beard! We have Davy Jones & pirate wench costumes if you & Julia want to borrow them and join Corbin’s pirate gang. The DJ mask tends to scare small children though.

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