I’m happy to announce that Kaleo Church has launched it’s newest website. Personal style aside, it should prove to be much better at providing information and helping people connect.

Built on the Ekklesia 360 Church CMS, the latest version of the site has more integration and better serves a multi-site church like Kaleo in ways the old site couldn’t.

Kaleo v5.0 – As Kaleo looks to launch it’s third and fourth locations, we created this design to reflect our multi-site church planting strategy. We also wanted to change the style of design. Our previous website designs were typically black/dark. We wanted to change this to a more clean/white-space design.

If you’re interested in reading more about the site design and history of Kaleo websites, visit Drew Goodmanson’s article on Kaleo Church Website 5.0.

One thought on “KALEO 5.0

  1. Luke, were you involved with the redesign? It looks really nice. I like the clean look.

    No, I don’t do much with our church website. I used to do the newsletter but I handed that off a while ago. I do manage the photo gallery and am currently updating that. We may be moving our gallery though.

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