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So I’ve been noticeably silent on my blog lately and not very talkative on other people’s blogs either. Part of that has to do with my busy schedule lately and bigger issues to deal with. One, Photo Julia (and friend) was in a car accident last week and while no one was injured, the Insurance company has opted to “total” the car. The upside is, the settlement will make for a nice down payment on a new car and is far more than trade-in value was. The down side is, we weren’t quite ready to buy a new car just yet. Oh well. I’ll follow up with more details and pictures later.

Other things weighing heavy on my mind is the clusterf*ck of a project I inherited (I’m an architect). I am relatively new to the whole “Project Leader” role and have had a hard enough time dealing with my own two projects. Now I’m trying to salvage this poorly managed project while keeping my other jobs from slipping behind. Upon review half the original team no longer works for their respective firms (quit/fired) so I can’t easily ask “why did you do this or that?” Ugh!

And finally (to keep this short as prommised) I’ve also been busy with other things like watching my friend’s 5 kids overnight, helping people move, delivering furniture and all sorts of favors. I don’t mind helping but it does cut into my blogging time. The free time I have for blogging is better used to spend quality time with the wife (ie watching American Idol and Veronica Mars)

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