I’ve run away and joined the circus

Sorry for the short hiatus, but it’s been a little crazy lately. You may recall from a few posts back that I have a new job – and said job is 500 miles from where I live(d). They offered me the position on March 1st and my first day was March 7th. And while Sacramento is 500 miles from San Diego, Salt Lake City is around 800 miles away – which is where I was to spend my very first week on the job.

My first day on the job involved catching a flight from San Diego to Salt Lake City, meeting two coworkers I’ve never seen and going to an office none of us have ever been to before. The first night we were there, SLC was blanketed in a couple feet of snow which made driving into the office loads of fun. Even though I’ve lived my whole life in one desert or another, I have seen snow before and even driven in it. But that was crappy SoCal snow, not the light fluffy stuff Utah is known for. And it turns out, that even at low speeds, fluffy snow turns slippery the morning – don’t worry, nobody was injured, just embarrassed.

Our week in Salt Lake City was good overall. Met lots of great new co-workers, learned a little about the my new company, ate at some wonderful places (and one no-so-great place) but after a week of business travel, I was ready to fly back to San Diego. Unfortunately that only gave me time to re-pack my bags, kiss my wife and kids good bye and drive up to Sacramento with as much as I could carry in my Camry. Because week two on the Job was up in Sacramento, well -Placerville actually, but what’s another 50 miles between friends.

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