It’s quiet, too quiet

I haven’t had much to say or have been too busy to say it but I thought a quick summary was in order.

First, I’ve begun to read regularly to my son.
I’ve heard that reading to your children before their birth is an effective way to bond with them. I feel closer to him and more easily see him as a real person and he grows accustomed to my voice – virtually a win-win situation. Inspired by our good friends, Nate and Hope, I have begun reading from
Children’s Illustrated Bible. This book comes in two versions (large and small) so be careful when ordering online. I opted for the small version because I don’t have problems with the tiny font and smaller pictures. But if I were to get this for my son to read, I would definitely spend the couple extra dollars for the larger one.

What I like about this children’s bible (vs some of the hundreds of others) is that the text is not childish. I’m raising my son to be a man and baby talk and dumbed down stories are not going to help in that. This does not mean I will treat him like an adult either but he, like children everywhere, will be a sponge and absorb most, if not all, we offer him (the good and the bad).

Another feature of the book is that each story is only about two pages and my experience so far with infants and toddlers is that they can get fidgety if you take too long to tell a story. But if they are content, you can read another one or two until you’re done.

In other news..
Our company launched it’s re-branding yesterday. re-branding is a fancy way of saying we changed our name and logo (again). It’s less of a name change since we’re essentially going back to our original name (pre-merger) but a new logo, none-the-less. Basic summary…we shouldn’t design our own logos. A big firm like ours should hire a design team to design or logo, stationary, business cards and all the rest. Even the official email signature in outlook wasn’t throughly thought out. But I’ve learned not to worry about it. It will be revised two more times before we settle on those details. Despite the difficulty we had with getting Iverson Interiors new cards “just right” it was well worth the effort after seeing what my own firm considers a good design.

Finally, Kaleo has a new home. Well, sort of.
We have been in negotiations with another church that has recently moved to it’s new facility. The other church is what is considered a “mega-church” so their old facility will be much larger than we need but I think we are only sub-leasing a portion of the old facility – they will keep the rest. What this means is that effective October 1st, we will no longer have to have our morning service (and children’s ministry) in a theater at the mall. We can have the children meet in different rooms with teaching aids permanently on the walls. No more hauling our sound equipment and other supplies back and forth every Sunday. We can now have meetings whenever we want.

The downside? We need to raise more money for the improvements and monthly rent. But we trust God to provide. More to follow.

4 thoughts on “It’s quiet, too quiet

  1. It is great that you are reading to your child. Not only do they say to read to your child before birth but to read 3 books a day to them. We certainly get our quota around here! By the time they are 3 children are meant to have 1000 books read to them. That’s a lot isn’t it? My little one just turned 3 so to think that she has been read to 1000 times is pretty amazing isn’t it?

    I’m here today via Michele’s ‘mixed up meet and greet!’ Enjoy your day.

  2. I’ve heard the same thing about reading to your child before he/she is born. Playing classical music is supposed to be good too.

    The company I work for “rebranded” too. The difference is we were bought out :-) They did keep the main part of our name because it is well known in the industry and they didn’t want to lose that recognition.

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Hope to see you again. Keep on Bloggin’

  3. REading to you child in the womb is a good idea, but I am not sure about showing her/him the illustrations. It is just difficult to do.

    Hello from Michele

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