It’s getting hot in here

You may recall from last summer that our air conditioning doesn’t work. The price to fix it then was broken down into three options.

    Replacing the roof top unit only ~ $1950 (uses the old-style coolant)
    Replacing the rooftop and ceiling units ~ $4880 (uses the new generation coolant)
    Replacing both with a cooling/heating unit ~ $5650 (in lieu of the radiant heat strips)

Unfortunately, our financial situation hasn’t improved much. In fact, it’s worse. But now, Julia and Corbin will be home during the day and while a few fans and lots of time at the local malls worked last summer, it’s not a practical solution with a baby in the house. So now we have to consider the reality of replacing the system. Luckily, we will be getting a nice tax refund but not enough to cover the best option of new a/c and heat pump ($5650). The cheap option is a gamble since the ceiling unit may need replacing and uses the hard-to-find and expensive coolant.

I’ll be looking over our finances and may have to charge part of the cost but going without is not really an option anymore.

One thought on “It’s getting hot in here

  1. I hate when that happens. It is something that can’t be helped but a situation with finances. It was very rough at times when the kids were little. Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions. I don’t envy you in that. May I just make the point however, if you are going to go for the middle option, and will have to borrow anyway, it might be worth it to consider the third option as it isn’t too much more than the second option. Of course, you have to way it all out with your data, and I can say, I haven’t always made the right decision. Good luck with getting the air conditioning.

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