It’s Alive

As you can see, I’ve restored my site to it’s previous glory (such as it was). Actually, there are still a few bugs but most everything is back to the way it was. I actually cleaned up a couple of things while I was at it including looking at my plugins and how some pages were coded. In the end, there is little difference to the occasional site visitor but some subtle changes may become apparent over time.

One thing I implemented was a two column template for those extra special pages where the content was too wide to fit the standard space. The biggest issue still needing attention is the fact that I deleted my images folder, so many posts with images now link to blank pages.

The DVD Library and What to Read pages need a quick code fix but since you can see all the same stuff by visiting The Company Store, I’m in no rush.

Let me know if you notice any other irregularities and I’ll feign amnesia.

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