It was a Fair day

A good friend of ours gave us tickets to the San Diego Fair again and this time it was worth it. Last year, we went with a group of people which turns out not to be a such a good idea when they all have kids. Nobody can come to a consensus so we spend far too much time trying to decide what to do next. Like which animals to see, how long to see them and when and where to eat. Up to four people is a good size group and one of those people has to be the decider – that is, they make the decision when no one else can or will.

Julia and her mom took the boys to the fair on Tuesday with a couple of $3 tickets we picked up. They spent most of their time at the kiddie ride area (separate from the teen/drunk adult rides). Julia got some pictures on her cell phone and sent them to me to show how much fun they were having and how adventurous Corbin was now.

So when we went on Friday, we knew what to expect from Corbin. After passing through some of the animal paddocks and getting some semi-traditional fair food, we made our way to the kiddie rides. First up was the Bumber Boats, then the Safari Train. Other rides included the Whale ride, Nascar track, Handcar track, and these two, too.

Corbin and the Flying Tigers

You may recognize the song from the Flying Tigers ride as The Ballad of Snoopy Vs Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen.

Corbin and the Caterpillar Coaster

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