Irish Trivia Quiz

INSTRUCTIONS: Are you feeling lucky today? Try your hand at this Irish-themed trivia, in honor of St. Patrick?s Day.

1. March 17th is the day that St. Patrick:
a) Was born
b) Died
c) Drank too much beer
d) Ate too much corned beef

2. St. Patrick was actually Scottish, True or False?

3. Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to:
a) Moisten lips from the dew on the rock
b) Give you good luck in love
c) Remove shyness
d) Heal your warts

4. Where do leprechauns bury their pots of gold?
a) Under a stone bridge
b) At the end of the rainbow
c) In their storage locker
d) Under the bed

5. Why does a leprechaun wear green?
a) He loves the color
b) A form of camouflage
c) Because its lucky
d) Green clothes were on sale

6. What kind of alcohol is in an Irish Coffee?

7. ?Erin go Bragh? means this in Irish:
a) Ireland is beautiful
b) Ireland Forever
c) Ireland the Brave
d) Ireland my home

8. In 1997, this became legal in Ireland:
a) Marrying at 13
b) Gambling
c) Drinking at age 16
d) Divorcing

9. A leprechaun is really an Irish:
a) Shoemaker
b) Thief
c) Midget
d) Magician

10. According to Irish legend, where do the fairies who kidnap babies take them?
a) In the forests
b) In fairy mounds
c) In caves
d) Under bridges

11. The first St. Patrick?s Day celebration in the U.S. was held in which city?
a) New York
b) Boston
c) Washington, DC
d) Philadelphia

12. The Irish are said to have brought which breakfast to America?
a) Lucky Charms
b) Green Eggs and Ham
c) Oatmeal
d) Cream of Wheat

13. A lot of Irish surnames begin with ?Mac?, which means what?
a) Son of
b) Father of
c) Born of

14. What was St. Patrick?s real name?
a) Maewyn
b) Miles
c) Michael
d) Matthew

15. How did St. Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland?
a) With fire
b) With flooding
c) By pounding drums
d) In a Honda Civic

Answers to follow. What, you’re not going to even try and guess on your own?

2 thoughts on “Irish Trivia Quiz

  1. I’d have maybe half of these, with another 3 or 4 possible via guess. And the most “popular” ones, I’m the least certain. I bring shame to my Irish heritage.

    Maybe if I drank more beer…

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