Irish Trivia Answers:

Trivia Answers:

1. March 17th is the day that St. Patrick:
b) Died

2. St. Patrick was actually Scottish, True or False?
TRUE! He was born in Scotland to a Scottish mother and an Italian father.

3. Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to:
c) Remove shyness
It removes shyness and suddenly gives you the “gift of gab”.

4. Where do leprechauns bury their pots of gold?
b) At the end of the rainbow

5. Why does a leprechaun wear green?
b) A form of camouflage
It was to blend in with the forest and hide better.

6. What kind of alcohol is in an Irish Coffee?
WHISKEY. Although many Americans drink their coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream and call it an Irish Coffee, a true Irish Coffee is made with whiskey.

7. “Erin go Bragh” means this in Irish:
b) Ireland Forever

8. In 1997, this became legal in Ireland:
d) Divorcing

9. A leprechaun is really an Irish:
a) Shoemaker
He is a little shoemaker with the reputation of being rich, but mean.

10. According to Irish legend, where do the fairies who kidnap babies take them?
b) In fairy mounds
They are said to put them in Fairy Mounds for up to 100 years. Farmers today will not disturb the mounds in their fields because they believe the babies’ spirits are still in them.

11. The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the U.S. was held in which city?
a) New York

12. The Irish are said to have brought which breakfast to America?
c) Oatmeal

13. A lot of Irish surnames begin with “Mac”, which means what?
a) Son of

14. What was St. Patrick’s real name?
a) Maewyn

15. How did St. Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland?
c) By pounding drums

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  1. Saints Presarve us lads. Everybody knows the main food that was brought from Ireland was Bushmills…..that and a few praties…faith and begorra.

    1. haha. Yes, this site is old. I’ve been blogging for some time and while I don’t update much anymore (curse you Google+) I still review and approve comments.

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