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August 21, 2007

Insert foot

Have you ever writen a post that you regret? Where delete just isn’t enough.

Sometimes we can write a post with a certain goal in mind only to find that by the end, we’ve written something completely different. Sometimes that’s good. This time it wasn’t. I wrote a post that I regret and I was quickly rebuked and, just as quickly, I realized what I’d done. I edited the post and apologized. And as much as it was possible, the other person accepted my apology. I doubt they forgive me but I can’t expect that from them.

I’ve removed the offending content, am about to re-title this post and change the links in the comments to keep from perpetuating the problem. I’d hate for someone to revive this by finding it in a search engine 6 months from now. The damage is done but I don’t have to let it continue.

[removed stupid content I wrote – see comments as to how stupid I was]


Update: [The other blogger] responded and I realize I was/am an ass. I don’t know why I felt it was necessary to pass judgment on someone else but I did. And for that I’m sorry. You can see from her comment below she was not too pleased with my post – and rightfully so. She points out my hypocrisy and calls attention to the obvious. I want more blog recognition and have struggled with the temptation to earn more money and get more visitors and have more comments. I’ve toyed with the idea of PPP and other plans to increase traffic or revenue but none seem to fit my personality or talent.

Part of what distresses me is that I enjoy and admire her writing style (probably am even a little jealous). Even though I would love to see a profit from this blog, I don’t want to go down that road, partly because I can’t afford to lose any readers and partly because I would get bored. I admit I’ve “sold out” on occasion myself and probably should reconsider some of the steps I’ve taken but for right now, i must apologize to her for what was essentially an unwarranted and unjust attack on her and her blog.

[blogger], I’m sorry for my presumption and unkindness. Obviously, I’d like to withdraw my entry

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  • At 8:47 am on August 21, 2007, The Other Blogger commented:

    First of all, I find this extremely hypocritical, since you have taken the time to email me personally to ask pointed questions about paid blogging, and my success with it. I can only assume that is because the thought to join the DARKSIDE crossed your mind, too. Not to mention the other people that you have referred to me recently, who have sent me emails to ask how much money I make through sites like PayPerPost.com.

    I’d also like to point out, that as far as my soul is concerned, I can say for certain that I’d never be so pompous and presumptuous as to pick out another blogger, much less one whose site I have obviously visited AND CONTINUE TO VISIT, and try to berate them or insinuate that they need to have their conscience prodded. I’m quite comfortable with the state of my soul and the state of my pocketbook too, for that matter.

    I’ve actually had referring links from forums where you have linked to my site as an example of paid blogging gone wrong, and I never bothered to come here to confront you. Have you asked yourself why you continue to visit my site at all, if it so obviously grates on your nerves? I can tell you why… it’s because for whatever reason, you have the desire to get my attention. I’ve never given you my attention before, because frankly, I DON’T KNOW YOU, and upon glances to your blog, I viewed it as an average dime-a-dozen blog with zero visual interest and less than stellar content, so you know what I did? NOTHING! You know why? Because I don’t go look at things that bother me, or that I’m not interested in. You’ve already told me numerous times that you don’t like my blog, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why someone would waste their time and put so much effort into BITCHING about something that they don’t like? It makes me wonder, and it even creeps me out a little to be honest.

    Congratulations jack-ass, you’ve finally gotten my attention for all of about five minutes. The only reason I am indulging you with a response is so I can make an example out of this post in my blog. That’s right; you’re going to get some traffic. Attention from a woman, AND traffic? I’ll pause a moment now so that you can climax.

    In conclusion, I’ve never tried to hide or conceal the fact that I do some paid posting on my site, in fact, I FLAUNT it! I have made over $2,000.00 in the past couple of months with a few simple keystrokes, while managing to maintain a good flow of personal, fun, and interesting visual and textual blog content. I don’t rely on a blog for any kind of deep emotional satisfaction, because I have an ACTUAL LIFE for that, which apparently is something you’re sorely lacking.

    Oh, and by the way, good luck in the contest, way to keep your fingers in the honey pot!

  • At 9:10 am on August 21, 2007, The Other Blogger pingbacked:

    […] out the statistics on my sidebar, he’s Archshrk). He took the time out of his day to write a lovely post about me and my site. By lovely, I mean SNARKY and with the intention to hurt. I figured that I might as well post my […]

  • At 9:43 am on August 21, 2007, Radioactive Jam commented:

    The joys of ‘Publish.’ :-P
    And yet the potential remains for “mending” yes? Hope so.

    An observation, re: the phrase “removed stupid content” – you might want to clarify whose/which content you’re talking about. After reading the post I think I know, but it wasn’t obvious when I started, and I don’t think that’s your intent.

    @RaJ – Thanks, I clarified (I hope). As for “mending”…not likely. We never had a connection and I doubt she wants to establish one now. I’ll suffer the brunt of her reaction as I definitely deserve it and pray that I learn from my error(s) so as not to repeat any hurt I caused (but we both know how quickly we forget). I’m actually writing a post about how I’ve sinned here and in other ways (without specifics). I doubt it will help us to reconcile but I still need to confess my sin and repent.

    She posted my original content in case you’re curious. – See above comment.

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