I'm Sorry

I kind of feel bad for the person who has to manage this Page.  I mean no matter what they post about or reshare or whatever, one of the first couple of posts will be something along the lines of "But where's my Jelly Bean update?" and then it goes downhill from there.

I understand the user frustration and think I'm guilty of taking it out on this G+ page too, but I wish I hadn't been off-topic in any comments now and wish others would stop doing it too.  

I doubt the person responsible for this page has any control or influence  over the update and I'm sure +Verizon Wireless is very aware of our disappointment in the lack of an update.  So maybe we can all agree not to spam every post they make with "where's my update" and just let the conversation live and die based on the topic.

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3 thoughts on “I'm Sorry

  1. Good luck with that. It happens on every android news, rom page, carrier page, or manufacturer page. It will likely never stop. I can't comment on anything without muting it after because I get constant "where's my blah blah" notifications.

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