I’m published

Well, maybe published is too strong a word. But I did write a post on SEOmoz.com and its been well received so far. Check it out if you want – Let’s talk about changes. Basically it was talking about when a change to a site warrants an announcement and when it doesn’t. There is some interesting discussion that follows but probably only to those who manage websites – so I won’t be hurt if you don’t read it.

2 thoughts on “I’m published

  1. the post is pants

    – found at linked page

    LOL – I just find that funny (duh?). Half because it’s “(British, slang) Of inferior quality, rubbish” and half because of all the ‘substitute X for Pants’ things.

    Am I off topic? I suppose so. On the subject of changes and announcing them: If it’s a really big change and/or you wouldn’t mind feedback, sure. If it’s small and really doesn’t impact things, probably just a small footnote on a ‘real’ post would do. Otherwise it just looks like a slow news day (which it isn’t here apparently) ;)

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