I will survive

So I finally started playing Survival Mode in Minecraft and after a rocky start, I found my way to a very good spot to establish a home base – or at least a good first base. We’ll see how things go after I get established. It has easy access to some key resources but not everything I would want but a lot of what I need.

As you can see I have lots of trees, sand, water, pet wolves and all the bones and arrows I could ever want. So I think I’ll keep it. Now I need to start exploring underground to find what I don’t have.

4 thoughts on “I will survive

  1. I think you should bump up the record quality just a smidge. Less ghosting of the image.

    Very straightforward used of a spawner/harvest. Won’t work as well for spiders though…

    1. I also need to turn off the cursor.

      A spider harvester would only need a few blocks above to act as a cage/net. Kind of a checkerboard pattern. But then who needs that much string?

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