I Shant be Posting

This weekend (while I’m out of town) my web hosting service will be migrating my site to the new servers. I tell you this not because I believe you to be anxiously awaiting my next post(s) but to warn you that there may be technicl dificulties in the process. Especially along the lines of comments (and there shall be many, right) may not get published because they were caught in the transition from one sever to the other. Never fear – if i recieve any emails about new posts and the posts don’t show up, I’ll manually add them in.

And since I shant be posting (I love that word) here are a few recomendations to get you through the drought.

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Americans have a third fewer close friends and confidants than just two decades ago
Blowing My DaVinci Load

and just in case you haven’t seen this yet…Happy Mornings! by Folgers (allegedly)