I got a Random Bag of crap

I’m so happy.

You see, Woot.com is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. Typically, they sell one item a day and you can buy 1, 2 or 3 with your order (one order per item). Occasionally, they have a Woot-off. In Woot-Off mode, a new product is launched immediately after the sellout of the previous deal. Woot-offs last from 24-72 hours and items last from 5min-1hour (usually).

Random BOC
Random BOC

Now if that wasn’t sweet enough (fast selling, discounted, electronics) they will throw in a “Random Bag” for $1. Now two things you should know. 1) shipping is only $5 whether you buy 1, 2, or 3 items per order. 2) Random Bags are worth way more than $1. The Random Bag (hereafter referred to as BOC) is just that, random. You have no idea what you’ll get and everybody gets something different. But if you do the math, $1 (get three) plus $5 shipping equals $8 for what could easily be hundreds of dollars worth of electronics and there is a high demand to get in on this deal.

The best way to get in on this deal is to use a Woot tool like Wootalyzer. It keeps you updated on the latest Woot item and can be configured to launch the “I want one” page for the BOC. You better already be logged into your account and you may or may not even get through. You see, with thousands of users trying to get their BOC, the servers can get busy real fast. If you do get in, you still try to change your order to “I want 3” but if you’re like me, you’ll be lucky to get just the one- which I did.

I missed the last one just barely. I went to lunch and came back to find the “I want one” page up and the BOC having just ended. This time, I had to try several times before getting to the actual “buy it” page and just barely got through before the sale ended.

So my BOC should ship in about 5 days and I’ll post a video of me opening my first BOC (as is tradition). To get an idea of what comes in the BOC check out here and here.

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