Hungry? Get Feed

I received a comment on a recent post which I felt compelled* to share

RaJ: Fries = food (sort of) = feed = reminds me: yours seems broken, at least when used for a Firefox live bookmark.

Me: Re: feed – I know. I’m working on it.
Re: food – BK=”sort of” McD/Taco Bell = “no”

Me(again): Problem Fixed. Sorry to keep you so underfed.

Raj: “Feeds” are aptly named. Thanks!

Heh. And what of Rubio’s, hmm?

The problem was that when I updated my Feedburner Plugin, I failed to change the feed address at Feedburner. Thus it was looking for feeds at the wrong place. Therefore, you may be a bit behind on your feedings. A week without archshrk is like, well – like seven days. Welcome back everybody.

*and by compelled, I mean I want to test my feed.

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