How San Diegan Are You?

San Diego Magazine put together a quiz to determine “How San Diegan Are You?”

WHETHER YOU?VE EATEN IT, uttered it, watched it or climbed it, ?it? is something you can do in San Diego that you?re not likely to do anywhere else. We?ve compiled 111 such activities, events, emotions and/or menu items. Check the box next to those you?ve accomplished or experienced (give yourself some latitude on some of the provided details). At the end of the quiz, see if you rank as an ?Alonzo Horton? or are ?Zoned Out.?

Here’s a few to get you started…

  • Thought about spending the night in the Hotel del Coronado in the room haunted by Kate Morgan.
  • Caught the downtown ferry to Coronado Landing for the Fourth of July parade.
  • Jet-skied at a high rate of speed under the Coronado Bridge.
  • Biked the Strand from Hotel del Coronado to Loews Coronado Bay Resort and back.
  • Forgot which fruit level you parked on at Horton Plaza.
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