How much does the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost?

One of the most common questions I get is How much does the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost? the short answer has been $75 per person (originally) but that’s no longer correct. It’s currently $86.81 for one person (after taxes and fees) – parking is free.

OK, so here’s the breakdown:
The Hualapai Legacy Package costs $29.95 per person (plus taxes and fees)

To walk on the Skywalk will cost another $41 each. (check for current pricing)

The Hualapai Legacy Package is the basic entry package to Grand Canyon West. It is a self-guided tour of all points of interest at Grand Canyon West. Included in this package are the live performances, scenic viewpoints, cultural activities, a wagon ride and more. Unlimited use of the Hop-On Hop-Off shuttle is included in this package. Grand Canyon West is privately owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe and requires the purchase of a permit and Legacy Tour package for entry.

Hualapai Legacy Package (no meal, no Skywalk)
$29.95 per person, plus tax, $8 impact fee & $3 fuel surcharge
Prices after taxes and fees: $43.05

Legacy Silver Package (includes meal, no Skywalk)
$41.95 per person, plus tax, $8 impact fee & $3 fuel surcharge
Prices after taxes and fees: $55.83

Legacy Gold Package (includes meal, includes Skywalk)
$70.95 per person, plus tax, $8 impact fee & $3 fuel surcharge
Prices after taxes and fees: $86.81

Now there are some limitations when you walk the Skywalk.

There are no personal items, including cameras allowed on the Skywalk; you will be asked to store them in lockers. You can take photos of the Skywalk from the side, and a photo can be taken of you on the bridge and available for purchase if you choose. However, personal belongings, including cameras, on the bridge are not allowed to protect from dropping items into the canyon or onto the glass

So the big question is; Is it worth it?

Opinion on this is pretty strong but as you can see from these reviews, most people walk away disappointed. No worries, you can see the Skywalk from pictures I took before the ban was in place.

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  1. Visitors to the Skywalk need to understand that there is so much more offered at Grand Canyon West than just the Skywalk. In the Legacy Gold Package, which costs about $88 with all taxes and fees, you get a complete package that includes shuttle bus transportation to the THREE viewpoints: Eagle Point, Guano Point and Hualapai Ranch, a voucher for a meal at any of these points, an insight into Native American Culture and much more.
    At Eagle Point, besides the Skywalk, there is a nice Native American Village that can be explored as well as an amphitheater with Native American performances. At Guano Point, visitors can take a short walk to the guano mine cable car installation or even hike up to the top of Guano Point. And Hualapai Ranch offers wagon rides and cowboy entertainment.
    Considering that generators provide the electricity and all materials and food need to be hauled in from hours away, $88 is a good deal for a day’s worth of entertainment and private views of the Grand Canyon.

    1. People not trying to shake down tourists should mention those views are free across many of the miles of the grand canyon.

      Waaay too much for waaaay too little.

  2. Buddy and myself are riding cycles arond GC this spring. Glad to find this site. We both are retired and while not hurting, we need to find reasonalby prices attractions to make our trip possible. So….. $75.00 plus and my bike on a dirt road. No thanks.

  3. To me, the high ticket price and low return are typical of “tourist taxes” charged on many Native American lands. Typical of places with no real economy. Hey, they are welcome to soak naive people with over reverential attitudes toward native people’s. But for anyone with a jot of common sense, avoid this latest bit of hucksterism.

  4. As someone who has done traveling in a few countries, these comments are why USA, UK, and Aussie ‘tourists’ are usually considered the most rude and ignorant. Sometimes things are more $ than expected, sometimes less. $90 does seem expensive, but so do 2-hour Cirque de Soleil shows that cost about 100. You should ALWAYS check out blogs/tourist sites to see if there are opinions about places – not only look at the official website. Sometime I will probably see it, consider it once a lifetime thing and never never BITCH about the cost. No one is forcing you to go or pay. Whining, rude, cheap AMERICAN tourists. And I live in CA and am proud to be American-so am not anti-American, just anti RUDE narcissistic USA tourists.

  5. I am researching places to go from vacationing in LV in Grand Canyon. The first thought was to spend a night a the South Rim, but I later found out about the West Rim and most if not all who went there commented it being expensive.

    I don’t really mind the price if I know it up front. It is a decision if I should go or not. With that said, $80 does seems a lot to me. Since I have never been to Grand Canyon and I am taking a foreign tourist friend with me, it maybe worth while for him to experience the Skywalk.

    My question is how sensitive are the metal detectors and wands they have there. I am thinking of taking one of those spy camera sunglasses with me. Would it set off the alarms on their detectors?

    Anyways, I am still undecided whether to go to West Rim or not or go both to West and South Rim and spend the night at South driving back to LV late afternoon the next day. Is that too much of a drive? I’ve read it takes about 3 hrs to West Rim and about 5 hrs to South. Same time frame from South back to LV.

  6. Went to the Skywalk earlier this month as they said the road was horrible the workers are rude the prices are ridicules and then the no camera policy so they can have some dude with a camera take a picture and charge you $30 for each picture is crazy would not go back again

  7. I made it out to Grand Canyon on Sept 22, 2013. We didn’t go to the West but the South. I would recommend the West if you are able to made the drive of 5 hours from Vegas.

    I took a visitor with me from Japan. Asked him if he wanted to pay $80+ per person to see a couple of points or pay $25 per car to see a handful of points. I didn’t really care which of the Canyon I go there and it will be our first time. He said go South.

    So we did. Left Vegas at 5am and drove out to the South for a day’s adventure. We took turn driving and it took us about 5 hours to get there. We arrive at the parking space at about 11:30am. Hop on the free buses and visited 4 points before stalking our photo spot at Hopi Point at around 4:30pm. Hopi Point is one of the most famous spot for photos as the point sticks further out of the canyon. Took our sunset photos and head down to our cars by 7:30pm.

    If your party can take turns driving, I would recommend driving to the South. Much cheaper and more places to view the canyon.

    Yaki Point – Panorama View

  8. We are in the process of touring the area and were trying to check the price for this Grand Canyon skywalk. Its strange that you couldn’t find any and no wonder why. 80 bucks is a bl00dy rip-off. Not allowing you take camera on the Skywalk is absurd and then trying to charge $$ (is it $30!!! / pic) to sell you a pic is just crazy.
    I am glad I was able to read the comments. We will surely be skipping this point and instead take the ride South. I have also forwarded the link to a few folks who are contemplating touring this area in Spring 2014.

    Thanks for sharing folks.

  9. It has been a long time since we have heard of a rip off but this takes the cake It is amazing that our government allows this to happen. We had planned on coming to the Grand Canyon Skywalk but refuse to pay the price. It is not worth it!!!!!!!! People come to the beautiful Oregon Coast we don’t gouge you

  10. Four of us were planning a trip to the skywalk this spring on our Harleys, after reading about the price ripoff and the horrible roads, I think we will just stick with the south rim and still have a great ride and save a lot of money. thank you

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