How do you study the word of God?

2 thoughts on “How do you study the word of God?

  1. Have you seen the book “Knowing Scripture” by RC Sproul. I think it’s on our reading list. My best studying happens when (1) reading through the Bible chapter by chapter, but at the same time (2) researching questions from friends and acquaintences, (3) listening to audio from pastors giving comments on particular topics or passages (,,,, etc.). The thing that I wish I more access to is (4) written commentaries. I probably need to start getting more commentaries.

  2. The difficulty with writen commentaries is that many of them are very heavy. I’ve used some that I needed a dictionary to read. They’re not inacurate, just inaccesible – you know what I mean? Finding good “starter” commentary is difficult (especially on a budget)

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