High Maintenace: Defined

Michele Agnew asked “What is your definition of a high-maintenance woman?” Now there were lots of anwsers, it got me think about it and this is what I posted.

High Maintenace is about how much you think about yourself and more specifically, how much you think others should think about you.

This takes on many forms from very demanding personalities (excessive standards for others or self to meet) to personal pampering (clothes, makeup, jewelry and other material things)

Ultimately, it’s about pleasing yourself at the expense of others. Most of us, are willing to compromise or at least recognise that pleasing others is also to our benefit (like when we help a friend move or give up our seat on the bus) We self sacrafice while HM self-serve.

Interestingly, some HN use sacrafice to focus attention on themselves (Oh, how I suffered giving birth to you) This is simmilar to the Dreaded Drama Queen where every thing can be refocused to their needs and wants. (Mad TV did a good skit on this)

Do you agree or do you see it differently? Would you agree with Tommy who said “all women are high maintenance. some are just more expensive to maintain than others.” (I think he was just jocking – please don’t flame him)

3 thoughts on “High Maintenace: Defined

  1. In a vehicle context, high maintenance means needing Something on a relatively frequent basis, not necessarily involving breakdowns although that’s possible too. Like, some cars need timing belts replaced at 60,000 mile intervals to avoid catastrophe, while others go twice that or longer; still others use a nearly maintenance-free timing chain.

    Or maybe the perceived maintenance level exists entirely in “Perceiver Space.” Now *there’s* a thought, eh?

  2. i think high maintenance women are usually those who are not as secure in themselves as though perhaps ought to be, in a perfect world. A woman who requires a great deal of ‘maintenance’ is lacking something in her personal world, whatever it may be.

  3. I just thought you should know – regarding voting for American Idol, it does not cost anything to vote by telephone. The numbers are toll free.

    I agree with you about high-maintenance. I mentioned drama queens and selfishness.

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