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February 6, 2008

Here Come the 123s

Here Come the 123s

This Amazon.com exclusive version of Here Come the 123s includes 3 bonus CD tracks (“One Two Three Four”, “John Lee Supertaster (Live)”, “Bed, Bed, Bed (Live)” and a bonus DVD video (“One Two Three Four”).

You know them from their hit theme songs on Playhouse Disney’s top-rated shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Higgly Town Heroes, now They Might Be Giants is back with an all new CD/DVD: Here Come the 123s!

The Grammy? – winning rock legends return with a 2-disc, CD/DVD combo including original songs and music videos that make learning numbers fun and entertaining for children and parents!

The Here Come the 123s CD features 24 infectious tunes (and 3 bonus tunes for Amazon.com customers) about numbers such as “Here Come the 123s,” “Number Two,” “High Five!” and “Zeroes”

The Here Come the 123s DVD has 23 accompanying music videos (and a bonus video for Amazon.com customers) for kids to move to at home! The DVD features the all of the animation, puppetry and live action footage made famous by the duo! Plus a video for “Here Come the 123s,” “Hot Dog!,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme” and all-new video by the Brothers Chaps of Homestar Runner fame!

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