Here Come the 123s

Here Come the 123s

This exclusive version of Here Come the 123s includes 3 bonus CD tracks (“One Two Three Four”, “John Lee Supertaster (Live)”, “Bed, Bed, Bed (Live)” and a bonus DVD video (“One Two Three Four”).

You know them from their hit theme songs on Playhouse Disney’s top-rated shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Higgly Town Heroes, now They Might Be Giants is back with an all new CD/DVD: Here Come the 123s!

The Grammy? – winning rock legends return with a 2-disc, CD/DVD combo including original songs and music videos that make learning numbers fun and entertaining for children and parents!

The Here Come the 123s CD features 24 infectious tunes (and 3 bonus tunes for customers) about numbers such as “Here Come the 123s,” “Number Two,” “High Five!” and “Zeroes”

The Here Come the 123s DVD has 23 accompanying music videos (and a bonus video for customers) for kids to move to at home! The DVD features the all of the animation, puppetry and live action footage made famous by the duo! Plus a video for “Here Come the 123s,” “Hot Dog!,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme” and all-new video by the Brothers Chaps of Homestar Runner fame!

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