Heartless Goo?

My response to a post I found, Intelligent Goo

Intelligent Goo wrote:
Why did God create this complexity? If God designed the universe and designed the rules governing the universe, he would have been free to design anything he wanted to. Why create the need to eat, causing billions of deaths a year. Why create the need to breathe, making living at high altitude difficult, and swimming difficult. Why go to the bother of creating animals that convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, and plants that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Designing this need required designing chlorophyll, alveoli and photophosphorylation. God designed the requirement for respiration, and then designed ways to solve this requirement. It is complexity, but if it is Designed, it?s unnecessary complexity.

You have a well-articulated argument against Intelligent Design. There is one flaw in your argument, which is your presupposition that God created us for our benefit. Now I don’t support ID as it makes the same assumption, rather I am a creationist. Therefore my position is that God created us for His benefit. Now I could try to show you through scripture what this means but I suspect you may just shrug that off as superstition, so consider this…

While the world is complex, it was less complex when created. When sin entered the world (through Adam) it was corrupted, taking it from complex to complicated (if you get my meaning) But why is it so elaborate? We need limitations and more importantly, correction. If everything were simple and self-supportive or worked independently, how would we learn to cooperate? If we didn’t have to “fornicate to reproduce” then how would we learn to value each other? If we didn’t need plants to survive, how would we learn to become good stewards of what God created?

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  1. Nicely put. Still, I think unless one is at least willing to consider the view that we exist for God’s benefit, no further explanation will make sense. And why does even considering this possibility seem abhorrent to some people?

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