Harboring a hateful grudge

In a recent email exchange, a friend made reference to a hateful rant to which I made reference to a hateful grudge. But I wanted to link to the reference in case he didn’t get it – so off to Google I went. Only…

Turns out that many (read most) sites quote the line incorrectly. They say “…Mr. Stokes has a grudge…” when the actual line is:

Sounded to me like he was harboring a hateful grudge against the Soggy Bottom Boys on account of their rough and rowdy past. Looks like Homer Stokes is the kind of fellow who wants to cast the first stone. – O Brother Where Art Thou Script

This wouldn’t be a problem if it was just some personal blog or a paraphrase, but these are considered “official” sources. Well, like any Wiki, it relies on user provided information so is subject to errors and laziness. Unfortunately, laziness abounds so people from other sites tend to copy verbatim what they find on another site – perpetuating the error(s).

Don’t worry, I didn’t let it slide. I took the time to submit a correction to the primary source and I’m sure it will be updated soon. I’ve done similar things to Wikipedia and Amazon descriptions (regarding George Shiras 3’s book). Have you ever submitted information or corrections to sites like these? Would you?

4 thoughts on “Harboring a hateful grudge

  1. If you can find the problem at the source – one of the so-called ‘official’ sites – before it propagates, it might be worth it.

    Some people just don’t care though.

    Our local paper is rife with spelling and grammatical errors, which have been complained about numerous times. They acknowledge the problem in a “ya, ya, we know” way quite often in the main editorial – which seems to be a giant soapbox for a guy who, quite often, complains about having nothing to write about.

    The picture on the FRONT PAGE this week had redeye. It was fixed, rather poorly, on the online version – here

    The Canadian Starbucks page has a number of errors I pointed out over a year ago and they still haven’t been fixed. Well, the pages with the problems no longer have active links to them. So it’s not like they completely ignored me – they just did as little as possible to hide the problem instead.

    I downloaded a game – Siege of Avalon in it’s early stages, and found rather annoying problem.

    Due to a rather lengthy and well thought out comment, or series of comments, of mine they completely re-wrote the quest log system. Basically the original version had competed, in progress, and just heard about quests mixed in with the narrative – making for a muddled mess

    The post vanished when they reworked the site (got rid of the forum entirely) and they didn’t even put in a generic ‘thank you’ anywhere in the game/manual/website – even though they practically followed the suggestion to the letter.

    So it was a half victory at least. They fixed the problem, but failed to give anyone any credit. There was another forum poster, who was even more thorough than me (if you can believe that) and I don’t remember him getting much thanks either.

    Thought I would make up for a lack of comments lately, with one giant one. =D

  2. Isn’t that why the townfolks of Sandford “eliminated” Tim Messenger?

    Uh… sure.

    I haven’t seen the movie in question and I’ve always found that site terribly confusing. All of the actions and none of the context.

  3. Not being a literary genius, I would probably make some of the same mistakes. I usually read and write more technical material at work. I am sure I make mistakes.

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