Happy Thanksgiving


This is a very special Thanksgiving Day for me this year. First, it’s my birthday (today) and normally that’s a bummer but this year I don’t care. My son is due to be born within the next few weeks and, in general, things are going pretty well for us. Sure there are some scary moments but overall, I feel blessed. Thanks to the generous gifts, abundant support and wonderful love and advice from family and friends, we feel very prepared for what’s to come. Everyone tries to tell us that “you can’t prepare for how a new baby changes things” but I think you can feel prepared or feel unprepared and that alone makes a difference. Of course there will be surprises, but how we adapt and handle them depends on what mindset we have when the unknown presents itself.

The First Thanksgiving

Many of us tend to view Thanksgiving Day as a memorial to God’s providential care over the forefathers of our great country as they settled in the “new world,” but we must also remember that God has just as graciously showered us with many blessings–not the least of which is the incredible provision of His Son who lived, died, and rose again on behalf of His people! And through Jesus, God has promised to us a truly new world (Rom. 4:13; II Peter 3:13), a heavenly country (Heb. 11:13-16), an eternal city (Heb. 11:9-10; 12:22-24), an unshakable kingdom (Heb. 12:28-29) of which He has made us citizens (Phil. 4:20)!

Thanksgiving crossword

Take this Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz and Test Your Turkey Day Knowledge
If you’re a fan of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” you’ll gobble up this Thanksgiving-themed challenge. Do you have the gizzards to be a Top Turkey? There are no prizes (sorry!), the dollar amounts only indicate difficulty. Whether you get all the way to the million dollar question or your goose gets cooked, have a Happy Thanksgiving! – Start The Quiz

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. When I wished you Happy Birthday yesterday, I didn’t realize it was the same day as Thanksgiving. So in that case I will wish you a “Happy Birthgiving” or perhaps a “Happy Thanksday”

  2. Happy belated birthday! And since your Thanksgiving season is pretty much just starting (what with all the imminent giving of thanks events) I don’t have to feel like I missed that one. :)

  3. Well, I’m always a day late and a dollar short. But, Happy B-Thanks Day. I know you are getting excited about that upcoming baby. It’s gonna be grand. I look forward to seeing pictures.

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