Happy Ho Ho Holloween

October 30, 2009 1 By archshrk

Well, Sunday is the official start of the Christmas Season.
Have you started your list yet? We have.

435 Halloween Cartoon

I remember as a child how the time spent between Halloween and Christmas felt like an eternity. Heck, even Thanksgiving seemed a long way off. it’s easy to blame the retailers for putting up seasonal items far too early, but for a child, that makes it even more difficult. It simply reminds their little minds (with short attention spans) that there’s some wonderful day to look forward to when they should be distracted by everyday things (like jumping in leaf piles or building snowmen). Instead, they spend everyday thinking about what’s next. And in this day of instant access and unlimited information [all lies! but that’s another post] they can’t enjoy the here and now, rather, they are worrying about tomorrow.

So I say, make the most of each holiday or special occasion and don’t focus on the next one until that day comes. otherwise, you’ll live your life waiting instead of living.