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April 14, 2006

Happy Easter, Bunny

“My butt hurts”


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  • At 9:31 am on April 14, 2006, Radioactive Jam commented:

    I’d forgotten about this picture. It’s truly awesome.

  • At 2:54 pm on April 14, 2006, Wendy commented:

    I remember seeing this picture some years ago. I think it\’s excellent. :D

  • At 1:11 am on April 16, 2006, OldOldLady Of The Hills commented:

    I think this is THE popular picture for this Easter…I love it!
    Thanks for coming by my blog…and to answer your question…I have always written about whatever touches my fancy…there has never really been a ‘theme’ as such…I would say many themes…I am going to post my 100 things about me to coincide with my 100th post! I cannot believe there have been that many…!
    Monday, I’ll put that one up…but as far as changing Blog directions—well, I don’t think so…It just moves along in a very unstraight line. (lol)
    Good to see you again, btw!

    A Very Very Happy Easter To You!

  • At 5:48 am on April 17, 2006, Jessica commented:

    Maybe that is why I still haven’t eaten my bunny.

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