Happy Birthday

talking hamster Birthday card

Today I turn(ed) 33 years old. Not that much of a milestone but thought I’d share. So far, I’ve gotten a couple of Home Depot giftcards and a book that’s still in the mail. I don’t know what to expect over the thanksgiving holiday when I visit my family but I’m sure it will be nice. The real reason I’m posting though is not to gloat about my birthday haul but to share the funny birthday card my wife gave me.

If I had a talking hamster, on his birthday I’d take the little guy to the carnival to see the Big Wheel. Upon seeing it, he’d be speechless, simply letting out little gasps of joy.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy birtday! 33 is still way good, right? Should be, especially when you’re married to someone with such good taste in cards. That’s the kind of humor that connects with pretty much everyone here, too. I haven’t seen anything like that one around here, though. Time to find some new card shops I’d say.

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