Halloween 2008

This is the first Halloween in several years that I actively participated in. There was the long dry spell where I did nothing – no trick-or-treating, no parties, no dressing up at work or home. But this year was different – for a few reasons.

First, Corbin. He’s my boy and I wanted him to enjoy the pleasure of wearing a costume and getting out in the community with other like-minded kids. Granted he’s only 11-months but its a fun tradition.

Second, we were home. Since our wedding anniversary is Oct. 23rd, we tend to be out of town around Halloween and don’t make plans for it. We just go hang out with our nieces and enjoy it vicariously through them. The last couple of costume parties we went to I dressed as a mob gangster (aka black dress pants and black dress shirt with a white tie) last time I even added a hat – wahoo! Add to that the firestorm of 2003 and 2007 and Halloween didn’t seem all that important.

Finally, my office has an annual Halloween decorating/costume contest each year (except last year due to fires). Sine I was here this time, I was able to participate. And thanks to some good brainstorming, team contributions and hard work, we pulled off a pretty good theme.

Thus I give you 101 Dalmations (Crazy Cute!)

We won both the office competition and the property management competition (which included $100 lunch prize)

The costumes were relatively easy. Purchased white sweat pants and hooded sweatshirts on line (direct), cut out black felt circles 3/4″ – 2″ diameter (11×17 sheet covers the top and another for the bottoms). Use fabric glue to attach dots to sweats (comes off in wash). Black felt for ears and red felt for collars. Paint noses black and bark a lot.

The trick is the accessories. Dog bowls, giant dog house cutouts, paw prints and images from the movie and one Cruella de Vil. We also had the movie playing on one computer and various dog-related songs on another.

8 thoughts on “Halloween 2008

  1. We had quite a few dress up at my place of work as well.

    Needless to say that day was a washout as far as getting anything productive done — as it looks like in your case. ;)

  2. Odd.

    I suppose that works with whatever business you work at, for us – it’s 7.5 hours x 5 days for “full time” (they like to have a buffer so they don’t go into OT)

    For a select few, that’s Mon-Fri, but for everyone else it could up anywhere..

  3. When I worked for Home Base (long since gone) we had the same thing. 7.5 hour shifts because they couldn’t close your drawer out or pull you from a customer at exactly 8 hours and OT was a big no-no

  4. When I’m doing my usual job I usually come about 10-20 min ‘late’ mostly because I know that I’ll be there nearly 8 hours anyway – and people only come up with stuff to do in the last hour of my shift. <_<

    I’m also the only one on staff to bring a camera to work (minus one or two people in the photo lab, but they’re ucky point ‘n shoot things). So I have all sorts of picture of poorly packed trailers, birthday cakes before they are eaten and so on.

  5. Well, I said ‘before’ since after it gets in the door, it has a very short lifespan. By the time they could call someone from the photolab at the other end of the store, and get coverage for them (can’t leave the lab staff-less) it would be too late. :P

    An lonely corner of cake on a box of crumbs doesn’t make for a nice picture – regardless of how much effort went into decorating it.

    And I’m not going to take pictures of half-chewed cake (or worse)

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